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This is a picture of one of many homesites of our ancestors that lived in the mountains, valleys and flatlands of the Virginia's, the Carolina's, Tennessee and Kentucky.

This picture is the William and Nancy (Phillips) Workman Family and their home place. It is believed that the old home place was in the area of Bratton, Bracken, KY. It is not known to STAFA if the structure is still standing are not.

The following words were written by the grandmother of Regina "Gina" Ann Insko - Avis Loraine Workman-----This is my mother's home, when she was a girl. In this picture is Uncle Bob, seated is my granddad (that I never saw), Uncle Willie, and the little girl is Etha, daughter of Uncle Joe and Aunt Hattie (standing on the right) and the elderly lady is grandma Nancy. She died in Feb 1906.

Follows are the comments of Gina-----To the best of my knowledge, the folks mentioned would be William 'Stilts' Workman (granddad), Nancy Phillips Ballenger (grandma), John Robert Workman (Uncle Bob), William Workman (Uncle Willie), Joseph Workman (Uncle Joe), Hattie Askins (Aunt Hattie) and Ethel (Etha). All three boys being children of William 'Stilts' and Nancy.


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